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Hong Kong is considered as the “Culinary Paradise” and offers a wide variety of food and international cuisines. Visitors have the chance to sample and try almost every different food ranging from the different Chinese regions, European, African, and Indian or from the Americas.

Food is somehow a lens, which reflects the society as well as social changes and transformation. Visitors will encounter British/European influences as well as Chinese or Asian influences in cooking styles, preparations, dishes and eating habit. Hong Kong is a true melting pot where East meets West when it comes to food.

Hong Kong is famous for its Yam Cha culture – a buffet style selection of food. People have a chance to choose, taste, share and try a variety of food with their friends and family. As visitor you have to try several foods and dishes and we highly recommend going out and trying some traditional Dim Sums, enjoying some afternoon tea in the Peninsula or try some Hong Kong style milk-tea in a traditional Hong Kong style café (Cha Chaan Teng).

Here I include some articles about Hong Kong’s gourmet. Maybe it can help you to navigate in this Gourmet Heaven.

long lace cardigan

Besides, we also provide Foodie Tour and introduce you to the local delicacies that have won the heart of Hong Kong locals.

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Are you a foodie and ready to explore the taste of Hong Kong? Don’t waste your stomach on the junks. Don’t worry about what and how to order.

No matter it’s Dim Sum, congee, wonton, noodles, Hong Kong-style Milk Tea, street food, snacks, you will not only have chances to discover Hong Kong’s delicious culinary, but also the best options of Hong Kong. If you are adventurous, you can try the bizarre delicacies, like stinky ToFu, cow stomach, fried octopus tentacles :D

Are you prepared for a special journey through Hong Kong including stops for drinks, snacks and food with our true Hong Kong insiders ?

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