There are so many hotel search engines, travel agencies as well as the hotel booking websites. When you come to book a hotel, it always will cost you a while to find the best deal. If you search the big hotel booking websites, have you ever felt headache with tons of information? So is there any easier way to find a cheap hotel in Hong Kong efficiently?

Here I will give out four steps how I always look for hotel bargains when I am travelling. Although I titled this article “How To Find A Cheap Hotel in Hong Kong”, it actually works for every other cities in the world.

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Search 100+ hotel booking sites by one click and save up to 80% on hotels

As a young hotel booking website, quickly becomes one of my favorite hotel search engines, because it is easier. Especially for people like me, who would like to compare many different sites and get to know the best deals, this is a life saver.

It can compare prices of most of the famous hotel booking sites, including, Expedia, agoda, IHG, etc., by just a simple search. It will list the prices of different booking systems together and voila, there is a clear result.

If you are looking for hotels in Hong Kong, it compares the prices of 1190 hotels, apartments, hostels, guesthouses in Hong Kong, which is a very time-saving way to get a general idea how much the hotel prices are.

Remember in the search result lists, the default setting of ranking is based on “Recommended” order. You also can manually change it to “Hotel Stars”, “Guest Rating” or “Price” if it’s more suitable for you.

You can try the search box above to find your best choice.

clemson baseball uniforms – Get Instant Confirmation with Free Cancelation

There are several reasons that “” is one of my favorite sites to look for hotels. Not only because it allows you to book/cancel for free, but also they have the “Best Price Guaranteed” policy.

It the world #1 accommodation website and contains over 1,436,239 hotels/properties worldwide. You can easily find something in the place you plan to travel as well as some reviews.

After checking the prices from, you can either directly proceed booking through or open a new browser to (if the price is suitable for you).

Though contains only 687 hotels, apartments, hostels & guesthouses in Hong Kong (quite a lot already, but not as much as, considering all the hotel prices are under the “Best Price Guaranteed” policy, it’s actually a large range of selections.

Sometimes you maybe wonder why the price of one hotel from is not the lowest on It is usually due to the different room types (standard, deluxe etc.).

clemson baseball uniforms – The budget travellers’ options !

find a cheap hotel in Hong Kong - Hong Kong Hostels

If you are backpacker, if you are planning a budget travel, then you may consider to stay in a hostel.

Hong Kong is one of the safest cities in the world, so staying in hostel usually has no problem, even when you travel alone.

From clemson baseball uniforms you can find not only a budget hostel, but also beds, apartments even campsites.

It combines over 35,000 properties in about 170 countries. They also provide about a hundred of search results in Hong Kong and the prices can be as low as HK$ 100 – 200 per room/bed.

It’s a great option for those on a budget.

clemson baseball uniforms – Check out what other customers say

find a cheap hotel in Hong Kong - TripAdvisor HK

Ok, after price comparison and availability check, you can either complete your booking or go on to be more confident about your choice.

I always will visit “” to check out other people’s opinions and reassure my choices.

Normally I won’t pay attention to good reviews which can be manipulated, but the negative comments. Of course, people all have different expectations that you shouldn’t 100% believe on the comments. Besides, there are always malicious comments from business opponents.

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Which one is the best Hotel Booking Site ?

Since I am talking about booking a hotel in Hong Kong, let’s do a little statistic analysis and compare several most famous hotel booking site;

Different websites have different sources and price lists. You can make your own choice which one you prefer more.



Properties in Hong Kong Included *




1190 (hotels, apartments, hostels & guesthouses)

Book Hotel Here »



718 (hotels, apartments, hostels & guesthouses)

Book Hotel Here »


687 (hotels, apartments, hostels & guesthouses)

Book Hotel Here »


Hostel World

about 100 (hostel, apartment & bed)

Book Hotel Here »

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