Although Hong Kong has various numbers of museums, it is not known or famous for its exhibitions unlike other big metropolitan cities like Berlin, London or New York. However, not only on a rainy day Hong Kong museums are fun to visit.

The special interests and topics of the various museums range from history, art, film, medical science, science and space to special topics such as police, transportation, coastal defense or tea ware. Most of the exhibitions provide you deep and fascinating insights of the former British colony and its development and history. Each museum offers a great variety from the past and present. Below you will find a selection of the most popular museums:

The Bottomline: Are the museums worthwhile to visit? Well, Hong Kong’s museums are not like Berlin’s, London’s or New York’s museums. Still some have a very nice exhibition and are worthwhile to have a further look – especially if you are interested in Chinese history and culture. It is also an option for a rainy day and if you have kids they might enjoy the science museum – since there is a lot to touch, play and explore.

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For your reference, besides those major museums mentioned above, Hong Kong still have many other museums:
– Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
– Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum
– Hong Kong Cultural Centre
– Hong Kong Maritime Museum
– Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences
– Hong Kong Racing Museum
– Hong Kong Railway Museum
– Law Uk Folk Museum
– Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum
– Police Museum
– Hong Kong Film Archive
– Sam Tung Uk Museum
– Sheung Yiu Folk Museum
– University Museum & Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong

More Top Attractions in Hong Kong