Hong Kong’s street markets attract many visitors not only for shopping. Visiting the street markets is a great way to dive into the bustling atmosphere of urban Hong Kong life and experience parts of Hong Kong’s culture.

Small shops and street stalls sell everything from clothes, antiques, flowers, electronics and jade to hand-made accessories, toys even sex toys and underwears, depending which market you visit. If you are looking for some special souvenirs or some exclusive knick-knacks this will be your place.

If you are interested, you can visit the traditional Chinese astrologer on Temple Street Night Market and ask him/her to either have your palm/face read or let a little bird tell your future. If you are lucky, you may have chance to watch a Cantonese opera performance on the street market after dark.

If you want to purchase some clothes, handbags, daily-used items and souvenirs, take a look at the Ladies Market. Or try the Jade Market on Kansu and Battery Streets for some jade jewellery and buddha statues.

Otherwise visit the Bird Garden, watch the old men walking around with the bird cage in hand and experience the leisure life of Hong Kong style. Don’t forget to try some renowned street food such as Stinky Tofu, Curry Fish Balls as well as Hong Kong Style Egg Waffles.

Many of the most popular street markets are located around Mongkok, Yau Ma Tai and Prince Edward station. It is very easy to connect them to do a half-day shopping/sightseeing tour. You can start from TST MTR station and take the red Tsuen Wan Line to Prince Edward Station.

Are you ready to know what these street markets are? I choose some of the most popular ones here for your reference.

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