Hong Kong is a melting pot of different peoples and cultures and it is amazing how tolerant this big metropolitan city is towards different religions, beliefs and practices.

Although, the majority of the Chinese population affiliate themselves with the traditional Buddhist, Daoist or Confucian beliefs, you will be able to find all major world religions in Hong Kong. You will be astonished how peaceful Buddhist temples coexist with Catholic churches and Islamic mosques and there is a wide variety of different religious places and temples within Hong Kong.

Furthermore, it is not unusual that temples host more than one god whereas there is always one dominant god.

On the following pages I would like to take the opportunity to introduce you some of the most interesting and worthwhile to visit temples here in Hong Kong.

The selection of temples just represent a small fraction of the available ones and there are many, many more to be discovered. Just keep your eyes open while you stroll along the streets and follow the smell of incense which might lead you to one of the small hidden temples in the surroundings of high skyscrapers or residential areas.

Besides the temples mentioned above, there are many other small temples spread around the city, such as the temple in Lam Tsuen, the Tin Hau Temple on Cheung Chau as well as the Tian Hau Temple on Temple Street.

More Top Attractions in Hong Kong

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