Hong Kong is one of the busiest cities in the world and the motto “work hard, play hard” is not only an attitude, but also a life-style. There are literally hundreds of bars, restaurants and pubs where you can enjoy a beer, wine or cocktail after a hard day’s work. We would like to introduce you a small selection of top-notch bars, lounges as well as restaurants with spectacular views of Hong Kong and its Victoria Harbor. Most of the bars we present here are rooftop bars that they provide not only great food and beverages, but always stunning views of either Victoria Harbor, Skyscrapers or some ocean view. We put the floor number of each bars behind the names of the bars and arrange them according to their locations and altitude for your convenience. We promise you, you will not regret to visit any of them. And although some of the bars/restaurants don’t come in cheap for drinks and foods you definitely will have the desire to come back and enjoy the beautiful and spectacular views of Hong Kong – be it at night or day!

Let’s have a wonderful night at these “TOP” bars of Hong Kong!

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Ozone Bar thumbnail

Ozone Bar (118/F)

Eyebar thumbnail

Eyebar (30/F)

Aqua Bar thumbnail

Aqua Bar (29/30F)

Felix Bar thumbnail

Felix Bar (28/F)

Harlan's Bar thumbnail

Harlan’s Bar (19/F)

Sky Lounge thumbnail

Sky Lounge (18/F)

Lobby Lounge thumbnail

Lobby Lounge (G/F)

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ToTT's Bar thumbnail

ToTT’s Bar (34/F)

Club @28 thumbnail

Club @28 (28/F)

Hooray Bar and Restaurant thumbnail

Hooray Bar (5/F)

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WoolooMooloo Bar thumbnail

WoolooMooloo (31/F)

The Habitat Lounge thumbnail

Habitat Lounge (29/F)

Penthouse Sky Lounge thumbnail


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Sevva Bar thumbnail

Sevva Bar (25/F)

M Bar thumbnail

M Bar (25/F)

IsoBar thumbnail

IsoBar (4/F)

RED Restaurant and Bar thumbnail

RED Bar (4/F)

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Cafe Gray Deluxe Bar thumbnail

Cafe Gray Deluxe (49/F)

Le 188 Restaurant and Lounge thumbnail

Le 188 Lounge (41/F)

Sugar Bar thumbnail

Sugar Bar (32/F)

PSI Bar and Lounge thumbnail

PSI Bar and Lounge