Hong Kong has a lot to offer and it can be sometimes very difficult to choose where to go due to its vast variety of attractions and one owns time limitations. Friends and people have been asking us where to go and what to see and where not to spend too much time on. Answering these kinds of questions can be sometimes very challenging and there is no single valid answer to them.

Here are some sample itineraries on how to plan your limited time in Hong Kong. If you still feel headache about all the arrangements and stressed for time management, you also can consider our “NextStopHongKong Private Walking Tour“. With our Hong Kong experts, you can enjoy a worry-free tour and travel as a real local !

We start out with the shortest time you may have in Hong Kong (Stop-Over Tour/Time). Each additional page will add one more day to the planned itinerary and you will be able to flexible adjust according to your own plans and needs.

Furthermore, there is no need to following our trip advice strictly or in order. As a matter of fact, you can combine any of these suggested day trips as you like or depending on your specific needs and interests. We rather would see the following pages as a suggestion and would encourage you to discover your own “little” Hong Kong.

We wish you a pleasant and memorable stay in Hong Kong !

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